There are countless resources for getting your old media transferred to digital format, so let's start with the advantages of working with Advanced Concepts

1) We do the work ourselves, in our studio, so your media never leaves our care.
2) We have the fastest turn around you will find anywhere and very competitive pricing.
3) We restore the color, contrast, and image stability on visual media, and audio clarity on audio based media using professional grade equipment.
4) We are a small company so we take personal pride and care in our work.
5) We do not lock the finished disks so you can copy, transfer and post edit the digital files on any media editing software.
6) We offer free pickup and delivery in the Huntsville, Madison and Decatur areas - just give us a call and we will make arrangements to pick up your media from your home,
your place of business, or we will meet you somewhere. Once the work is finished we will contact you and make arrangements to deliver your media back to you.

16mm film is composed of a series of small transparencies (slides) connected in sequence. When run through a projector, our eyes combine the images and we see it as movement. Over time the chemicals that make up the images will become brittle and fall off the clear plastic film. Also, film is very sensitive to temperature changes. Since most 16mm film was shot in the 19650's, 60's and 70's it is imperative to get the media transferred to digital format before it is lost to time. Once we digitize the film into our editing system, we restore the color, contrast, hue, and remove any blank segments. We also add a music sound track from our licensed music library of songs from the 50's to the 70's. Media files are captured in standard MPEG2 format and be edited on most computers with editing software.

   $19.95 per reel
   $5.00 to create the Master DVD
   (Additional copies of the same DVD are $10.00 each)

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