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About Us

Opening its doors in 1985, Greg Warren started Advanced Concepts as a desktop publishing company creating brochures, graphics and other items linked to print media. It quickly grew to include other aspects of advertising production and within a year Warren had steered his company into the video production arena. At the time, video production was generally reserved for the larger agencies, but taking a risk and investing in a digital non-linear editing system gave Advanced Concepts the ability to take on some of the bigger studios. With outstanding team members, experience, drive and now the equipment it was time to establish its place in the market.

Everyone at Advanced Concepts is prior military, some with law enforcement experience, and that gave its team members a rather unique advantage. With the skills and leadership acquired through their time in the various branches of the military, the team at Advanced Concepts was able to communicate with confidence with the personnel at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville as well as the NASA personnel at Marshall Space Flight Center. It didn't take long to establish relationships with these two entities, which led to interaction with some of the contractors and industries in the area. Within a short time, Advanced Concepts had anchored itself as a leading resource for video production in manufacturing and industrial environments, as well as military and aerospace companies.

Video production requires creativity, editing skills, knowledge of audio engineering and voice talent. Mastering these skills naturally led to creating radio spots, television commercials, instructional videos, and CD/DVD presentations. Within two years of opening its doors, Advanced Concepts was now an established full service media production company and was continuing to grow. As a "Thank you" to the supporting community, the team offered video services to local school systems by video taping school plays at no charge, and offering DVD copies to parents. As individuals became familiar with the staff and their capabilities Advanced Concepts soon purchased equipment to transfer 8mm film to DVD. This expanded into a full archival service including the transfer of 8mm and 16mm film, video tapes, audio tapes, records and slides onto DVD media. Free pickup and delivery in the north Alabama area led to many new friendships as well as additional work in media production.

In addition to its growing list of services, Advanced Concepts offered a unique option to its customers. With over twenty years experience as a model maker, Warren was able to offer clients highly detailed models of their products. Again taking advantage of the proximity to Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center, models became a big plus to many of the contractors who jumped at the opportunity to own a display model of their product. By 1987 Advanced Concepts had a full service model shop, and currently has models on display at several NASA installations, the Pentagon, offices in Washington D.C., military installations, a large number of corporate lobbies across the country, and even a few on display in Dubai, UAE.

In 2001, Warren became infatuated with a new type of aircraft known as a multirotor. Virtually unheard of at the time, he had soon purchased a broken one from the internet and was examining it. That fascination grew into an obsession and he began to design and build various versions of what is now referred to as a "drone". Warren continued his endeavors as he watched the industry grow. Two patents and four provisional patents later, Advanced Concepts now has an entire division dedicated to the design and fabrication of drone systems. The company also offers aerial imaging, both photo and video.

With growing demands in models and drone systems, in 2018 the decision was made to discontinue the media production areas of Advanced Concepts. Rather than being a full service media production company, Advanced Concepts now concentrates on two areas of production: TML (Tech Models Limited) is a full service model shop and SRL (Sentry Robotics Limited) concentrates on the design and fabrication of custom aerial platforms. Both divisions are doing well, and we can hardly wait to see what happens in the future.



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