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About Us

Few things have come on the scene as quickly or had as much impact as drones. Until a few years ago, a drone was an unmanned military aerial platform used for visual reconnaissance. While keeping some of these attributes, the world of sUAV (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems has changed our world. Now anyone can go to a local hobby shop or retail store and purchase a drone. In fact, if things continue as planned you will be able to go online to Amazon and have a drone deliver your drone.

Sentry Robotics got involved in this arena near the very beginning. In 2001, when we first purchased a broken "toy" drone off ebay it was a purchase made more out of curiosity than necessity. The ability to get a camera in the air and get stable photos or video would play nicely into our video production projects. And as usual with our team of people, once the broken drone arrived it was only a matter of hours before our guys were disassembling it and looking at ways to improve its capabilities.

What started out as a curiosity quickly developed into a passion for an improved aerial platform. Our tech guys were constantly flying odd aircraft out of the workshop, sometimes alarming our neighbors, sometimes dealing with the occasional visit from local law enforcement responding to a "UFO sighting."

The motto became "Build - Fly - Crash - Learn - Build Again . . . and have fun doing it."

Persistence paid off and now with two patents and four provisional patents, Sentry Robotics has established itself as a reliable source for custom built drone systems. We primarily build systems for search & rescue agencies, law enforcement and military contractors. But we still build the occasional system for dedicated individuals that want something special.

Another aspect of SRL our customers appreciate is our experienced pilots. We have been providing aerial imaging since 2005 for both individuals, companies and organizations. No one in the north Alabama area has more experience flying civilian multirotor drones than our team. As this hobby has developed into an industry, it stands to reason that government regulations would come into play. Like it or not, FAA regulations are here to stay. The team at SRL realized this and wasted no time in getting involved in the regulation process as a respected resource. Our Operations Manager served as a consultant to Gov. Bentley on the Alabama Drone Task Force. He has also been actively involved in helping establish "reasonable" drone regulations. In addition, ALL our drone pilots are registered, licensed, bonded and insured. Our team members and pilots are involved with such organizations as the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), DPA (Drone Pilots Association) and RCAPA (Radio Controlled Aerial Platform Association). We abide by all safety regulations and our team members also travel to local schools to perform technology demonstrations with drones. Our pilots conduct classes for police departments and civic groups to help introduce the technology to the general public. In addition, our Operations Manager has served as a mentor for the local high school and Technology Center robotics team for the past few years - where he instills into each young mind: "Build - Fly - Crash - Learn - Build Again . . . and have fun doing it."

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