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Welcome to Sentry Robotics Limited. All our pilots are registered, licensed, bonded and insured

Unless you've been hiding for the past few years, you are familiar with sUAV (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems, commonly called drones. Love them or hate them, drones are here to stay and can truly provide a unique vantage point that you simply cannot get otherwise. Sentry Robotoics has been designing and building drone systems since 2005. We were and still are actively involved in the development of the industry and offer our services to individuals, companies, law enforcement and military contractors.

Industry growth has led to advancements in technology and drones have become safer, reliable, and are readily available. Many people feel they can buy a cheap version of these aircraft and "get by" for their purposes. While that is an option, keep in mind there are several things to consider. First, you have to buy the drone and learn how to fly it, there is the entire FAA interaction process (which seems to change daily), insurance is a good idea, and a cheap drone/camera combo will likely produce matching results - cheap and unprofessional images.

Why not leave it to the professionals at Sentry Robotics. We have years of experience, know and abide by the laws, and can get the job done right for you the first time. Whether you need a single shot, multiple shots, a video clip, or a build history like this one, we are ready to go!


These sample photos are downsized for quick loading on the internet. Customers receive high resolution images and HD video footage.





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